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The big Black Marlin season runs from September through to early December. With fishing back to its peak now is the time to come and fish the very best heavy tackle fishing destination in the world. Extended trips are the way to go giving you the best chance to move up and down the 150 mile stretch of water between Cairns and Lizard Island with the migrating marlin. Come join myself and my very experienced crew on the fishing trip of a life time.

There are four options when choosing your fishing trip with me on the Great Barrier Reef.

Mother Shipping
This concept involves the charter returning to a very comfortable vessel anchored in the calm waters behind the Great Barrier Reef after a day on board the game boat chasing marlin.

Cairns offers mother-ships which range in size, comfort and affordability. Evenings are spent enjoying cocktails and great food. Mornings can be enjoyed scuba diving, snorkelling, spear-fishing, popper fishing and bait fishing or just relaxing.
A maximum of 4 people on board the game-boat applies for everyone's comfort. For larger groups another game-boat can be arranged with a mother-ship capable of handling two game-boats.

With a maximum of 3 people, this is a very affordable way to fish the Great Barrier Reef. Living on board the game boat with all your needs catered for. Once again mornings can be spent snorkelling, popper fishing and bait fishing.
Lizard Island 
Staying on land for the evenings at Lizard Island Lodge. The game-boat anchors in the bay and is ready to go fishing. With only a 30 minute run to the fishing grounds, this is a great option for people who do not want to be on the water 24 hours a day.
Day trips out of Cairns can also be arranged.
Blue Marlin Fishing
Since 1996 the Cairns marlin fleet has been trolling offshore areas as well as the traditional continental shelf, consequently we discovered that good numbers of blue marlin inhabit our waters.

Fishing four rods with artificial lures a lot more ground was covered and results were good. Many a day become reported of both blue and black marlin being caught offshore. This fishing continued into the months of Dec Jan Feb with blue marlin becoming more prevalent later in the season.


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