I have fished the GBR for 17 of the last 29 years and there is no harder working fishing captain than Biggs who is very lucky as well, I would guess we have released more big black marlin on 50 lb than just about any other group thanks to Biggs.Combining his talents with his fantastic crewman and you have a world class operation

Bill Boyle | Billy has fished many Cairns Black marlin seasons with Biggs, mostly using his favourite line class 50 pound

I have had the privilege to fish with Biggs many times over the years. We have worked together up and down the east coast of Australia from Bermagui to Cairns and the North Island of New Zealand. Along the way we have broken too many world records to list and caught many of my career highlight fish.
On every single occasion l have found Biggs to be the upmost professional with an unbelievable ability to put us on the fish time and time again. Obviously important skills for a world class captain, but most importantly to me is the fact that we are mates and we have a great time fishing together and l look forward to many more days on the water with Biggs in the future.

Dean Butler | Saltwater flyfishing expert

I fished with Biggs for 10 seasons on the reef and 6 seasons in Port Stephens and Bermagui.During this time we weighed several granders, caught numerous world records and released hundreds of marlin.
The knowledge and skills that l learnt from Biggs are invaluable. His uncanny fish finding ability and boat driving skills are second to none. There is no way l would have got to where l have in the industry if l had not fished with Biggs. During my career l have fished some of the worlds best heavy tackle fisheries but none of them compare to Cairns. There is something really special about chasing big black marlin on the Great Barrier Reef.

Bo Jenyns | Legendary crewman, Florida

The adventure of a liveaboard trip on the Great Barrier Reef to target giant black marlin is something very unique and special but it takes a talented person to be a first rate captain during the day and then be the perfect host when the tackle is put away. Biggs you are such a person and l thank you for the wonderful times l have enjoyed with you and your crew.

Kevin Hodgson | South Africa

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